Our Fashion Consultants specialize in coordinating the right clothing combinations for whatever the occasion.

Our Fashion Consultants know what looks good for an interview, wedding, or business event.  They will take the time to listen and consider your needs, tastes and budget.  Then, with the help of our tailors, together will ensure an overall great experience.

The following are just some of the services our staff provides:

Maximization of your wardrobe.  We’ll show you how to create several different looks with just a few garments.

Wedding Coordination. Our Fashion Consultants are readily available to help make the groom, groomsmen, and any other men in the wedding complement the rest of the wedding party.

Group Coordination.  We are experts at making a musical band, school group, or church group stand out in the finest way.

Our Fashion Consultants will help guide you from the selection process, to coordinating the suit, to altering the suit, to making you look absolutely marvelous!